There are plenty of good wireless gamepads out there. Some are ergonomic, others are meant for performance, and others just look good. The NES30 Pro is mostly the latter, complete with a retro vibe thanks to its NES styling.

Yes, this Bluetooth controller looks like an original Nintendo controller, but with a twist. Gone is the square shape, replaced with a design more akin to the SNES. The control also features modern extras like dual joysticks. The NES30 Pro is also said to come with a great CPU, making for “zero lag time”, a feature any true gamer will appreciate.  As for device support? This controller is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

While the NES30 Pro controller generally retails for around $40 on Amazon, you can get it from the AA deals store for $36.99. While $3 isn’t a lot, every saved dollar adds up in the long run.

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