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Deal: Mpow 4-port USB wall charger only $21.99!

Are you tired of untangling your way out of cables and power bricks? The AA Deals Store has an offer for you! Come and check out the Mpow 4-port USB wall charger.
September 18, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I am tired untangling my way through cables and power bricks every single time I need to charge my devices. Thankfully, there are great accessories out there that will help us keep our charging tools in order.

One of them is the Mpow 4-port USB wall charger, and the AA Deals Store is letting it go for a very good price. The Mpow 4-port USB wall charger is only $21.99, which happens to be a 26% discount over its retail price.

But what is this Mpow charger all about? Well, it’s pretty much a power brick… with 4 USB charging ports! This means it can charge a bunch of your devices using a single outlet and keeping all your cables in a single place. It provides 36 watts (overall), so you can charge anything from smart devices to smartphones and tablets. In addition, each port can juice up your gadgets at a maximum of 2.4A, which makes this a pretty quick charging experience.

It’s simple, resourceful and affordable. And you can go get it straight from the AA Deals Store!