Finding the right cloud storage solution comes with its hurdles. Some services are great, but they will end up costing you a good chunk of cash after a prolonged period of time. This is because the popular services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) sell monthly/yearly subscriptions that need to keep being renewed. Furthermore, these packages usually offer a limit in storage space, often forcing you to buy  into higher plans.

The AA Deals Store has an offer that can help you kiss all those annoyances goodbye. How does a lifetime subscription to unlimited cloud storage sound? That is exactly what you can get with SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup, if you pay $89.99. By the way, that is an 85% discount over the original $600 price point!

There’s no tricks or catch here. You can store as much data as you want from up to 3 computers, as well as all your devices, discs and thumb drives. And this will be stored in SkyHub’s servers forever.


That’s not really where the convenience in SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup ends, though. After having all your data stored in the cloud, your files can be easily accessed from your Android and iOS devices, as well as the web.

There’s really not much convincing to do here, right? This is a great deal if you know you will need a cloud backup solution for a long time. Just hit the AA Deals Store and sign up if you are interested! Also, do it quickly, because this offer expires in 4 days.

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