LG G Watch unboxing initial setup (10 of 13)

Looking to get in the smartwatch club on the cheap? It doesn’t get much cheaper than this Best Buy deal that makes the G Watch available for just $30, Play Store credit considered.

We’ve already seen the G Watch discounted to $99 at Verizon and on the Google Play Store (where you also get $50 in store credit), but Best Buy’s deal is the best we’ve seen yet.

Get the LG G Watch for $79.99 from Best Buy with $50 Play Store credit bonus

The G Watch is part of the first wave of Android Wear smartwatches, and newer devices like the G Watch R and Sony’s SmartWatch 3 have took its place in the spotlight. Still, if you’re looking for a no-frills smartwatch on the cheap, the G Watch is still a great choice, especially with the Play Store credit taken into account.

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