While the verdict on Android Wear vs Samsung Gear might still be up for individual interpretation, one thing is a bit more certain: the LG G Watch R is a fantastic piece of kit. Featuring a plastic OLED screen with a fully complete circular display (something Motorola came up a bit flat in attempting), and fantastic battery life, the smartwatch was a major upgrade from the original LG G Watch released last summer. Unfortunately, top tech is often price prohibitive, and at $300 the G Watch R is a bit steep for some.

Thanks to shopping site Daily Red Tags however, it’s now available for $50 off, bringing the price down to just $249.99. The model in question is the International (European) model and thus for customers living in North America or Asia, the AC Adapter will inevitably not fit in your charging socket, but there are easy ways to get around that. It’s worth mentioning that this is the largest sale we’ve seen for the product, with only Amazon selling it at $10 below retail price at $289.

For all those who missed our coverage on the round wonder, take a gander at our review and see for yourself if the LG G Watch R might be right for you.

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