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We all use Android apps on the daily, but have you ever considered making your own applications? Sounds amazing, but it sure is an intimidating idea. Coding is not easy, and neither is paying to learn how to do it. Thankfully, we now have plenty of online tools that will help you get started with the right foot… or with both feet in, in this case.

You want to know the best part? You can get started for just $29, not bad for all the content included — five classes covering a variety of different Android-related subjects.

Included classes:

  • Learn Android Lollipop Development (& Marshmallow!)
  • The Complete Java Developer Course
  • Learn How to Reskin, Upload & Publish an Android Game
  • Play Framework Development with Java
  • Reskin Games for App Stores–No Coding Required

Ready to sign up? Just head over to the AA Deals Store to get started on your new career (or hobby) making Android apps.