Huawei Smartwatch Newegg discount

Right now you can get a stylish Huawei Watch for just $200 courtesy of a $149 discount on Newegg. Admittedly, some other online retailers have the watch for around $250 already, but this is still the cheapest Huawei Watch on offer right now. The fancy versions Jewel and Elegant are also discounted by $100-$150.

You simply need to hit the button below to head to the product page where you’ll automatically get $124 off the regular list price. Then when you make your way through to the checkout, just look for the promo code section and add the following code: PP2016BTS. You’ll have to enter an email address to make use of promo codes but it’s worth it for the extra discount.

The Huawei Watch is easily one of the best looking smartwatches around, both when it was first announced back at MWC last year and now. It nails design, has no “flat tire”, is not bulky in the slightest and has easily swappable standard straps (you’ll get the black leather band in this deal).

There’s no timeline on the deal, but with a Huawei Watch 2 looking likely for IFA 2016, you might see more discounts like this coming up.

What is your favorite smartwatch? What’s the one feature all smartwatches are missing?

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