Deal on the Google Home Hub

Even though the Google Home Hub’s $149 price brings it dangerously close to impulse-buy territory, Best Buy’s deal might make that decision much easier. So long as you want to also buy a Nest device, that is.

From now until who knows when, you can get the Home Hub for $99 if you also buy at least one of select Nest devices. Eligible Nest devices include the $250 third-generation Learning Thermostat, $230 Hello Smart Wi-Fi video doorbell, $200 Cam Indoor security camera, and a $397 three-pack of Cam Indoor security cameras.

The Nest smart home devices certainly command a premium over competing devices, but at least you get the Home Hub for $50 off if you are interested in Google’s smart display. Also consider that Nest makes some of the best smart home devices around, so at least you would get something quality.

Announced alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the Home Hub is the latest in Google’s line of Home devices. Based on the Cast platform instead of Android Things, the Home Hub features a seven-inch display, smart home controls, music and movie playback, and more.

The Home Hub does not feature a camera, which should help put the privacy-minded a bit more at ease. The device also features a diminutive size, which helps with deciding where to place it in your home.

You can grab Best Buy’s deal on the Home Hub at the link below. The device is available in Charcoal and Chalk.

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