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Update: Still looking to get your hands on the Galaxy S7 for $430? While Qualitycellz’ offer expired a while back, well-rated eBay seller youbuyrite is now offering an unlocked Verizon version in like-new condition for the same $430 asking price. While this model is designed for Verizon, it will play nicely with any GSM carrier that supports this model’s bands. To check out the deal, click the links below.

If you want to help Samsung reach its 25 million sales milestone (or just want a darn good phone on the cheap), you can now buy a like-new Galaxy S7 32GB from eBay for just $430.

QualityCellz (99.2% positive rating) sells a black unlocked GSM Galaxy S7 32GB for $429.99. That’s a full $150 cheaper than the Amazon price and almost half the price you would pay if you bought the device through a carrier plan.

The slight catch is that this is an open box item. Here’s the caveats offered by the seller:

“Phone comes with OEM Headphone, OEM USB Cable, OEM Charger. The item comes in OEM S7 Samsung Box, However, the box may not be the original box of the exact same phone. This Phone which is unlocked to be used with GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Please note there may be very minor blemishes due to unlocking the item. The item carries about 10 months of warranty left. Please note this is an open box item.”

From the sounds of it, the devices were unlocked from their original network, but the good news is you still get ten months of warranty. Like most unlocked devices, you can only use this Galaxy S7 on AT&T, T-Mobile or MVNOs that use GSM networks.

Limited quantities are available. Happy shopping!

(link updated to the latest deal from youbuyrite)

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