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Looking to get yourself a brand new high-end smartphone? You may want to go with Verizon’s LG G4! Big Red is currently offering a $100 Visa prepaid card to anyone who purchases LG’s current flagship phone.

The concept is as simple as they get. You just have to purchase the LG G4 between August 1-12 from Verizon Wireless. After that simply head over to www.lgg4augustrebate.com and submit your form before August 31st. That’s it!

You do need to be over 18 years of age. Eligible LG G4 versions include the Genuine Leather Black, Metallic Gray and Ceramic White.


The LG G4 is one hell of a smartphone. It managed to get a 9/10 in our review, and we had very little to complain about. One of the lures of this device is that it’s actually among the very few handsets which still tout a removable battery and microSD card support, something most manufacturers have been getting rid of.

The device also sports a very unique look, featuring that curved profile and interchangeable backs. I have a thing for wooden and leather-clad phones, so LG stole my heart with this one. Not to mention, it performs like a champ.

Who is signing up?!

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