If you want to get a different looking skin for your smartphone, tablet or another electronic device, you can’t beat the selection over at dbrand. Today, the company is introducing its newest skin design, while also tempting you with a 30 percent discount that covers all of its products from now until midnight Eastern time on Thursday, November 10.

This time, dbrand is releasing new marble skins for smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG V20, the OnePlus 3 and many more. The images of these marble skins definitely look impressive and give these phones the illusion they have been made of the same material you might find in a fancy hotel lobby or a mansion.

The new marble skins, combined with its store-wide 30 percent discount, are very tempting for people who want a different look for their smartphone, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. You will still have to pay a $3.95 shipping fee, but that seems to be a small price to pay to have your phone look like it was chiseled out of stone instead of shaped and assembled in a factory.

How are you liking the new marble skins? Do you plan get one during this sale event?

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