Target T-Mobile Galaxy S3 offer

A couple of days ago we told you that the Amazon Wireless is currently running a Verizon Galaxy S3 promotion, offering the 16GB version for $60 or $50 less than the official carrier price to new and existing customers, respectively.

At the time some of you wondered whether Amazon will not run the same promotion on other U.S. Galaxy S3 versions – and there are plenty of carriers to choose from in the country – and while we don’t have such an offer for you yet, we can tell you that both Walmart and Target have cheaper T-Mobile Galaxy S3 versions in stock.

So if you plan to buy the most popular Android device of the year bundled with a two-year contract from the nation’s fourth largest carrier, then you can go ahead and check out these stores right away.

Walmart T-Mobile Galaxy S3 offer

TmoNews reports that Walmart offers the 16GB Galaxy S3 for $148, while Target’s offer is slightly more expensive at $169.99. Both special offers are available to both new customers but also existing T-Mobile subscribers that are planning an upgrade. Target’s promotion runs through September 22, while Walmart isn’t revealing how long customers will be able to take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, those of you still shopping at T-Mobile, will have to pay $279.99 for the Galaxy S3, provided you’re inking a new two-year contract.

What do you say, Galaxy S3 fans, are you buying a discounted version from Walmart or Target?