We’ve just found a great deal for anyone who’s thinking of buying a high-end LG smartphone: Best Buy is giving out a free 32-inch LG LED 720p Smart TV to customers who buy either the LG G5 or V20.

But as always, conditions do apply, as the smartphones have to be activated on either Sprint’s or Verizon’s network if you want to score the free TV. But even so, it’s still a great deal. Especially for those who were already thinking of getting in bed with the above-mentioned carriers.

If you’re interested in snagging this deal, head over to Best Buy’s website by clicking the button below. Simply place your order for the G5 or V20 and the free gift will be automatically added to your cart. If you decide to opt for the LG G5, you’ll also receive a 3-piece accessory bundle free of charge that includes an extra battery — which is always useful — a charging cradle, and a USB-C cable. Nice!

Even though Best Buy doesn’t mention for how long the deal will be available, we expect that it won’t last for long, so, you’ll probably want to move fast. Let us know if you went with the G5 or the V20 in the comments below.

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