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Well, holy smokes. Daily Steals is currently selling BlackBerry Priv handsets at 50 percent off their list price. It’s true that you can get these devices for cheaper than $700 if you look around, but the lowest we’ve previously seen them go is $614. At $449.99, this is a screaming deal.

The Priv is BlackBerry’s foray into the Android ecosystem. There are even some who say that the company’s entire future in the hardware business may hinge on the device’s success. Nevertheless, if you set aside the stakes and drama surrounding the handset, what you’re getting with the Priv is certainly a premium experience.

The physical keyboard makes it an immediately attractive offering for some, as such a feature is certainly rare on the market today. The front facing speakers are very good, and the 5.4 inch display is gorgeous with Quad HD resolution and AMOLED. The processor is the hexacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, and 3GB of RAM keeps this baby humming. Although it comes with 32 gigs of internal storage, you can always expand it up to 200GB thanks to the microSD slot.  The rear facing camera is 18MP and the front is 2MP.

All in all, the Priv is certainly a flagship-tier device. Many bemoaned its high price tag upon release, but snatching it up for a price slashed in half is a surefire win. If you’re a BlackBerry Priv owner, let us know about your experience with the device in the comments below. Would you recommend other readers jump on this deal, or should they take their money elsewhere? 

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