An Anker wireless car charger on Amazon.

Anker is one of the more prominent accessory makers out there, offering a variety of peripherals for your mobile device. Fortunately, various Anker charging accessories are now available at a discounted price via Amazon.

The discounted goodies include a USB-C to Lightning cable, a 60-watt USB-C charger, a fast wireless car charger, and a 7.5-watt wireless charging pad. You can check out all the deals via the links below.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Anker products on sale in the past few days, as the company discounted its Soundcore Spirit Pro headphones last week. The headphones, which are still on special as of writing, are going for $32.99. That’s a rather noteworthy 33 percent discount from the $49.99 standard price tag.

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