Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly one of the best phones of the year. It’s already sold at least 20 million units and it’ll sell 20 million more before it starts to slow down. Much like it’s younger sibling, the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 will likely be the highest and hottest selling phone this year. Have you been waiting to get your hands on one? If you’re a member of Sprint’s service, you can no take advantage of a deal that will get you the Galaxy S4 for $99.

You can get it in two variants. Either the white Galaxy S4 or the black Galaxy S4. Do keep in mind that this comes with a 2-year contract and its only for new customers. This deal is only applicable for people who are adding a line to their service or new customers signing a 2-year agreement. So if you’re an existing customer trying to upgrade a line, you’re stuck at the $199.99 price.

Along with the Galaxy S4 for $99, you’ll also get free 2-day shipping and free activation from Sprint. It’s a good deal on a great phone. To see more, check out our Galaxy S4 review. Will anyone be picking this up?

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