The (virtual) ink might have barely dried out on Google’s announcement of a 32 GB Nexus 7, but you can already get the refreshed tab for $20 less than its initial price.

If you’ve therefore still not jumped on the Nexus 7 bandwagon, you no longer have an excuse to keep avoiding one of the world’s cheapest Android-based tablets. To take advantage of the deal and get your own 32 GB 7-incher for just $229, you’ll have to visit RadioShack’s online store.

You’ll first still see the tab available for $249, but if you add it to the cart, proceed to checkout and apply the “RMN20” promotional code, you’ll get the 20 bucks off. This is a limited time only deal, but we don’t know exactly when it’ll end, so you’d better hurry and get it while it’s hot.

You can also use the discount code for other RadioShack orders of more than $125, but certain conditions and restrictions apply. Brick and mortar stores are for example excluded from the promotion, while a bunch of online available products will also deny you the discount, including refurbished devices, certain computers, tablets, netbooks, mobile phones and gaming hardware.

Unfortunately, the 16 GB Nexus 7 is not up for grabs from RadioShack, so you can’t take advantage of the promotional code to get that bad boy’s price down to $179.

As for the 32 GB model, that should leave the retailer’s warehouse in one or two days if you order it now, so you’ll have it on your hands in no time. RadioShack is also throwing in free shipping and handling, so you really have nothing to object to this deal. Especially with the official Android 4.2 upgrade looming and the rest of the tech specs still being as solid as one would expect from such a dirt-cheap gadget.

Any takers? Or would you rather wait for the 32 GB Nexus 7 with 3G connectivity? Don’t forget, that will set you back 300 bucks…