The recently launched Google Play Newsstand app that combines Google’s Currents with Play Magazines currently offers an interesting promotion which digital magazine fans will surely enjoy: for a limited time, the app offers access to free and discounted magazines.

As you’ll see in Newsstand section of the Play Store (see Source link below), there are various magazine genres available, ready to meet the needs of the various Android device owners out there. Price per issue ranges from free to $4.99, so you’d better hurry up and grab yours as fast as possible.

The list of available magazines included in the promotion is quite large, and chances are you’re surely going to find your favorite titles in it.

Google Play Store Newsstand

The bad news is that Play Newsstand is not available in all markets, which means not all Android users would be able to take advantage of the promotion just yet – supported countries include the U.S. Canada, UK and Australia.

For more details on how Google Play Newsstand works, check out this post and the video above!