Pebble retail packaging

Android buyers looking for cheaper accessories this Christmas should check out a couple of new deals available online including a $119.99 Pebble smartwatch and a $29.99 Chromecast.

The Pebble retails regularly for $149.99, which means users can now save $30 on their order. The $119.99 price is available from both Amazon and Best Buy (see Source links below). The only differences between these offers are the color options, given that the price is similar. Amazon has the device in red, black and white, while Best Buy only lists red and black versions.

The Pebble is not the only smartwatch option in town, but it’s certainly a device that was received very well by consumers, especially considering its price.



With the $30 that you save, you could always consider purchasing a Chromecast dongle, which is currently selling on Best Buy for $29.99. That’s $5.01 less than its usual $35 list price. Considering the Pebble deal, you’d be getting a free Chromecast by purchasing both gadgets, in case both devices are on your holiday shopping list.

The more interesting Chromecast deal is still the one Google currently offers: a Nexus 7 (2013) and Chromecast bundle that comes with a free $35 Google Play store credit offer – that’s assuming you don’t own either one of the two devices and that you want to get both.

The Chromecast doesn’t need any more introductions, as it’s one of the best-sold devices of this year. Google has clearly managed to find a great recipe for success when it comes to features and product price with this device.

Are you buying such accessories this Christmas?

[Update:] Amazon is also selling the Chromecast for $29.99.

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