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Deadlings arrives to Google Play, puts you in charge of zombie factory workers

Deadlings is a quirky new puzzle-platformer where you take on the role of Death, who has recently built a factory which is employed by zombie workers. Read on for more details!
March 7, 2014

If you’re looking for a fun distraction this weekend, you might want to take a look at Deadlings. This brand new zombie-themed puzzle-platformer has you take on the roll of Death, who in his loneliness has decided to create a factory where he can put the undead to work. Yes, the story is certainly quirky to say the least.

As for the gameplay? If you’ve ever played Lemmings, Deadlings is a somewhat similar experience, though with some distinct changes that make it standout on its own. In the game, you’ll play as Death, who is working to train the zombies to complete various task in the factory. This might sound simple, but don’t be fooled.

There are multiple types of deadlings, and each are best equipped for certain kinds of tasks, with the ultimate goal being to solve the 100+ puzzle levels that the game contains. The game also contains both a strategy and arcade mode.

Get it on Google Play

Deadlings is free to try, though unlocking the full experience will set you back $1.99. To learn more about the game, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.