Dead Zebra, who has brought us plenty of Android collectibles in the past, has released a new Android Werewolf figurine for Halloween.

With the Android Mini Series 03 going on sale back in September, many designers would have taken a break, but not Dyzplastics’ Andrew Bell. We reported on the new Halloween-themed Android Werewolf collectible a few days ago, and now you can order one of your very own. For those who have yet to their hands on one, however, there is a catch.

Unless you find them in stores, you won’t be able to get your hands on one of these figurines until well after Halloween. In an effort to make sure that victims of Hurricane Sandy who are currently experiencing power outages will be able to order figurines of their own, Dead Zebra saved the second half of its batch of figurines to release on November 5.

While they won’t ship until November 5, you can pre-order the figurines right now via Dead Zebra’s website. If you need more convincing, check out the gallery below.

How bad do you want one of these little guys? Are you planning to order one, or have you already ordered one? What other Halloween-themed Android collectibles would you like to see?