Just earlier today we reported on the Dead Trigger update. For those who were a little miffed about spending a buck on Google Play Store for it, even though it’s definitely worth the admission ticket, Madfinger Games has some good news to share.

The first-person Zombie shooter game Dead Trigger can now be downloaded for free. This means no more dealing with shady copies online, which we would never recommend in the first place, and you can start blasting off those pesky zombies at no cost at all – except their blown up torsos.

Just because Dead Trigger is a free download it doesn’t mean that the developer has skimped on the features. It does feature in-app purchase for those who like to stock up on ammos and the likes for a better chance of surviving the mayhem.

Aside from making it free, the game has been updated to feature more gadgets and weapons (Chainsaw, Lewis machine gun, Marine Engine with blades, American West Rifle), two different kind of zombies, and new environments . If your idea of a good time is being surrounded by hordes of brain-hungry zombies, there’s a new survival arena mode to test your Zombie-killing skills.

Other new features on the updated version include daily rewards, mini slot machine game, and the ability to back-up your saved game to the cloud. Learn more right here.

Ready to face the undead? Claustrophobes and kinemortophobes obviously need not apply.

Bams Sadewo
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