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Dead Trigger buyers will get special surprise, Madfinger Games says

July 28, 2012

Dead Trigger was recently updated and soon after that Madfinger Games decided to offer the game free of charge in the Google Play store, instead of keeping the $0.99 price in place.

Then the developer revealed that due to the high piracy rate, it made the game free of charge on Android, a move that prompted one other app developer to explain why devs would rather choose iOS as the first platform to create mobile apps on – the reason is again piracy in the Android ecosystem.

At the same time, gamers that purchased the game, may have felt strange to hear that the game they paid a dollar for is now free.

With all that in mind, you should know that in case you actually paid for the game, Madfinger Games has a special surprise for you but it’s secret. Here’s what the screenshot above reads:

Here is a good news for everybody who bought DEAD TRIGGER. Wait for the next update, you will be rewarded! Wondering with what? We will keep it secret for now…

Clearly, those of you that paid the $0.99 for the game will get some sort of special in-game content in return, but we’ll have to wait a while until the developer tells us what it is. Anyone excited?