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Dead Space for Android updated with Nexus 7 support

July 30, 2012
If you’re into mobile third-person shooters and you also dig shooting up zombies and/or aliens, you can’t find a better option on the market than Dead Space. Made available for Android just about a year ago, EA’s highly acclaimed game has managed to gain huge popularity almost overnight, despite its steep price point.

The game’s developing studio has just updated Dead Space. The new version’s changelog is extremely short, but I’m sure that the added support will bring in a whole new horde of fans. That’s right, the new Dead Space doesn’t come with technical tweaks, graphical improvements or bug fixes, but only with added support for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

This is a more than welcomed change, especially since so few Android games have been updated to specifically support one of the summer’s best-selling gadgets. Then again, some of you might feel left out, as it is a known fact that Dead Space has had some problems on a few devices, including a couple of not very old ones, and it seems that EA is in no hurry to fix those glitches.

Via The Verge

And to be squeamish to the end, we can’t help but notice that Dead Space’s “what’s new” section on Google Play states that the game is “now available for Galaxy Nexus 7”. Really, EA, really? The Galaxy Nexus? We understand that Samsung is the undisputed king of the Android world, but there are a few fine products around that haven’t been designed by Sammy, guys!

Be that as it may, we still advise you to at least take into consideration buying Dead Space for Android if you own a Google Nexus 7 tablet. You will have to get $6.99 out of your pockets, but you’ll have a really hard time in finding a more fun and addictive shooter/survival horror.

Also, if you happen to try the game out on your spanking new 7-incher, please do be kind and get back to us with a comment and let us know if there are any kind of bugs or glitches to report. That said, let the outer space zombie slaying begin!