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Dead on Arrival 2 for Project SHIELD demoed with beautiful dynamic lighting in this weeks Android Thursday episode

Week two is here for Nvidia's weekly series they call Android Thursdays. This week see Dead on Arrival 2, a game being built specifically for the Tegra 4, demoed on Project SHIELD!
February 15, 2013
Project SHIELD

Nvidia posted up a new video on its YouTube page Thursday morning for its weekly Android Thursdays episode. This week they demoed Dead on Arrival 2 on Project SHIELD. The technology that is packed into this game is breathtaking.

Dead on Arrival 2 is your standard zombie shoot ’em up game being built specifically for the Tegra 4. This means the game is going to feature effects like dynamic lighting and physics. Nvidia didn’t stop there though. Zombies have ragdoll physics added to them now, so when you blast them with your rocket launcher bits of zombie will go flying all over the screen.

In standard mobile games, you often don’t see physics, let alone ragdoll physics. In most games a wooden crate would be stationary and immovable. In Dead on Arrival 2 firing a rocket at a wooden crate will cause it to fall apart.

To get a full glimpse of what Dead on Arrival 2 is capable of with the Tegra 4 and Project SHIELD, make sure to check out the video below. It should be watched in 1080p so you can see the full Tegra 4 experience!

What do you think of Project SHIELD so far? Are you planning on getting one when it launches or are you still not convinced?