If you’re looking to make your phone or tablet stand out from the crowd one way to change up the look is a case. Another fairly popular option is to simply add a skin (or sticker) to your device. When it comes to the latter of these options, Dbrand is easily one of the most recognized brands.

Dbrand supports many popular devices from the Nexus 5 to the HTC One M8, though many newer devices like the Galaxy S5 aren’t yet supported. There’s also a variety of different looks that can be achieved from changing the colors to even adding the look of leather, carbon fiber or wood.

On the downside, Dbrand stickers aren’t exactly cheap, but for today only, DBrand is slashing the prices significantly: 50% off with no coupon required. The deal applies to their entire product catalog and so if you’ve ever been interested in picking up one of their skins, now is the perfect time to do it.

To check out their store, you’ll want to head here. How about it, anyone planning on picking these up? For those already using Dbrand stickers, do you recommend them to others?

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