dbrand concrete nexusThe company dbrand has built a reputation for making some pretty well-made electronics skins. From everything from Android devices to gaming consoles, the company is becoming a go-to choice for many users not satisfied with the stock aesthetics of their devices.

The company has just announced their newest style, and it looks pretty solid. Tired of the sleek, metallic sheen of your smartphone? Well now you can enjoy all the simple pleasures of industrial concrete.

That’s right. Concrete. It’s not a look you often see on a smartphone, so if you’re interested in standing out, this seems like a fairly good option. In celebration of their new concrete skins, dbrand is having a site-wide sale that offers 30 percent off of everything in their inventory. No coupon is required, but you have to act quickly. This deal only lasts until tomorrow.

Click the button below to head over to dbrand and get your device looking sharp. Even if you’re running an older or more obscure smartphone, the company has an extensive inventory that covers a broad array of Android devices. Even if concrete isn’t your favorite, you can still take advantage of the current sale to grab a skin of carbon fiber, metal, leather, wood, or your favorite color.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of these skins in the comments. Chic or kitschy? You decide!

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