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Dashlane: Keeping your passwords and login info safe

September 10, 2012

When we are very much active online or we have numerous credit cards in your possession, there is always the fear of having our private details and information breached by an unknown individual. We can’t always shake off the idea that there are malicious thieves lurking around us.

We can never be too safe. Our identities online are not always assured of foolproof security. Coming up with very long passwords consisting of a lot of numbers and letters is not enough. What we need is a secure place where we can store our website passwords and remember just one master password to gain access to them. We need a security vault. And, when we talk about password vaults, Dashlane comes on top of the list.

Dashlane is a password and personal data information app that stores all your passwords, credit card information, and other data that you deem very important. If you have accounts on numerous social networking sites, having this app will assure you of your password security. Some say that the best way to be protected is to have a unique password for each of your accounts. Let’s face it, memorizing a lot of passwords is a bit tiresome, most especially if you are not good at memorizing things. With Dashlane, you get to key in your passwords just once and every time you log in to a website, it will fill in the necessary fields for you to gain access to your account.

The app needs to be synced with its PC version, which you can download once you install the app to your Android device. You will be given a download link through your e-mail and from there, you have to make an account.

Once you have made an account, you will be asked to choose whether you want to use a master password or a PIN code to open Dashlane on both your PC and your Android device. The master password or PIN is your key to accessing all the other passwords and important data you stored in the app. Your information, IDs, and logins and passwords can all be found in the app, provided that you have set up the app to retrieve your saved passwords from the browser you are using.

You don’t need to worry about storing your passwords in the app because the app is locally encrypted with AES-256, a military grade encryption which will require only your master password or PIN to be unlocked.

You can store your contact details and IDs in the app, too. Your logins to various websites can also be stored, but you need to have the app retrieve information from the browser you are using the websites on. For example, you have your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts always opened in Mozilla Firefox. You have to make sure that you have set the option for the browser to save the passwords you use to access the websites so that Dashlane can retrieve them. This is best done using your Windows PC or Mac, as the PC version of the app will sync with the browser you are using to obtain the passwords of your websites.

The app also allows you to categorize your logins for easier access and sorting. You can have your Facebook account classified under social networking sites, your Pinterest account under entertainment, or your Huffington Post account under news. You will have instant logins to all your online accounts; there’s no need for you to manually provide your username and password because the app will automatically be enabled once you have your browser open.

Aside from storing passwords, the app also allows you to store your credit card details and other sensitive information all in one place. You don’t need to worry about stuffing your head with all the logins, passwords, and sensitive information because you have Dashlane to do all the memorizing for you. Security and convenience are two of the things Dashlane is sure to give you.

Fortify the security you already have over your logins, passwords, personal data, and sensitive information with this mighty app. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and is free from any ad-support. Download Dashlane to manage your passwords and other essential logins right from the palm of your hand.