Every now and then, someone comes up with an idea so absurd that it’s hard to tell whether it’s awesome or just fiction. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, better known as DARPA, recently had one of those idea. For the concept, DARPA wants to give Soldiers on the battlefield unheard of vision and communication.

Here’s how it works. They want to combine their Pixel Network for Dynamic Visualization, otherwise known as PIXNET, with some cool Android gadgets to give Soldiers an advantage in sight on the battlefield.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the idea was to strap an Android phone on a Soldier’s arm. It would be used to process information from a high tech camera on the helmet. This information would then be fed into a military version of Google Glasses. The result would be near-Predator vision, to include HD vision, near-infrared, infrared, and other forms of sight.

That just sounds incredibly cool. Soldiers having the ability to see through smoke, the night time, and other potentially hazardous conditions would give them an edge on the battlefield. Not to mention it could save quite a few lives. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have the option to use a technology comparable to Predator?

So this “Predator Vision” project from DARPA just helps Soldiers see better?

While that is the coolest feature in this project, it isn’t the only feature. DARPA also plans to use this set up to connect Soldiers to one another while on the battlefield. An example that Yahoo! Finance gave was the ability for leaders to dial into a specific Solder’s equipment and see the battle in real time.

The combination of quick information sharing and Predator vision makes this one of DARPA’s most bold projects. There have been others like it, but they were both expensive and bulky. If this solution becomes viable, it’ll be an edge every military is going to want to have. Is this technology worth looking into? Let us know your thoughts.

Joe Hindy
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