If you like labyrinth or tilt-to-control Android games, then Dark Nebula is a must-try. With over 6,000,000 (yes, you read that right) downloads on iOS, Dark Nebula – Episode One is now available for Android devices.

In Dark Nebula, you control a small disk by tilting your device to navigate through eleven levels that will have you avoiding lasers, spikes, and drops. To complete a level you will need to activate (or deactivate) force fields, dodge bullets, collect power-ups, and generally slide and bounce your way to the finish line.

The tilt controls are well balanced and you won’t find yourself muttering under your breath due to incorrect insensitivity, however you might find yourself fuming because of your own mistakes! Dark Nebula – Episode Two is already available for the iPhone, but there is no word yet on when Episode Two will arrive on Android.

The game isn’t free, but the $0.99 is worth every cent!