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How to turn dark mode on or off in Microsoft Word

Switch Office Themes to change Word's color scheme.
December 21, 2022

Dark mode can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it allows you to rest your eyes a bit from the blinding white light. On the other, if you’re working in Microsoft Word, the page you’re working on will also appear in dark mode. That said, you can change this. Let’s review how to enable or disable dark mode in Word.

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To turn off dark mode in Word, go to File > Account > Office Theme. Change the color from Black to White or Colorful.


How to change your Office Theme in Word

You can find dark mode in account settings. Changing this will also change your color scheme for the rest of Microsoft Office.

Within Word, click the File tab at the top.

click file microsoft word
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From the menu along the left, click Account.

click account microsoft word
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Under Office Theme, click the dropdown menu.

choose office theme word
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Select from the available options: ColorfulDark GrayBlackWhite, or Use system setting. If you want the theme to be white, click White or Colorful. If you want a dark mode, select Dark Gray or Black.

click white or colorful to go back to normal word
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Here’s what Colorful would look like.

colorful mode word
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How to make the page appear white in Word’s dark mode

You’ll notice that, when you select Black for the Office Theme, the page space where you write appears darkened. This can be troublesome if you want the page to remain white.

black page office theme microsoft word
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To change this, go to your document and click the View tab.

click view tab word
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Click Switch Modes in the Dark Mode section.

click Switch Modes dark mode word
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Your page will appear white while everything else remains in dark mode.

final product blank page word dark mode
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