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Daily Yoga: For beginners and pros alike

November 19, 2012

There is no shortage of yoga apps on the Google Play Store. Some of them are basically collections of the various poses of yoga, while others go the extra mile and demonstrate how yoga is properly done with animated images or videos. Unfortunately, some of these apps still make the yoga poses too complicated and some beginners might be demotivated to learn.

IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd.’s Daily Yoga (All-in-One) app is here to save the day. It’s a yoga app that will help beginners and pros alike in doing their daily yoga poses.

Start by downloading the poses that you want to learn about. Tap Start Training and view the Session List for exercises you might be interested in. Maybe start with yoga poses to work on your abs. You can also move up to yoga poses to tone your body.

Each session comes with an overview of what the session has in store for you. Tap on the one that you want and you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store page of the lesson so you can download the plugin.

Once you’ve installed it on your device, you can tap on the session again and choose from the 10-minute casual training, the moderate 15-minute training, or the intense 20-minute training. Choose the training level you want and play the video playlist.

Each video in the playlist is demonstrated by a professional yoga instructor against a white background. The instructor will perform each pose for you to follow, but if you can’t keep your eyes on your device, don’t worry. You’ll also be guided by a woman’s voice. The videos will smoothly transition to the next one, without your needing to press Play on the screen.

If you want to access individual poses, you can find them in your Pose Library. Individual poses will loop, so you can feel free to repeat it as many times as possible.

Feeling a little demotivated? Connect with other yoga practitioners via the Member Center. You can either make an account or sign in using Facebook. Check out what workouts they’re doing and check their ratings to help fire you back up in practicing those poses.

To give you the proper frame of mind while you’re doing your sessions, you can tap on the Yoga Music button to choose from 6 different tracks. This music will continue playing in the background and will not cut out when you visit the other areas of the app. If you’re doing a session and your phone’s screen times out, the music will keep playing so you can carry on with your yoga session.

Tapping on the More button gives you guidance on things like preparing for a yoga session, how to breathe correctly, how to stretch correctly, important notes for beginners and information on the app’s yoga instructors.

The app is ad-supported but you can only find them when you exit a training session and attempt to go back to the session’s introductory page.

Start practicing yoga with Daily Yoga (All-in-One). Download it from the Google Play Store today.