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CyanogenMod says CM10 is full steam ahead!

After many months of hard work, CyanogenMod has officially wrapped up CM9 and will now only concentrate on CM10 development. CM9 stable ports for all supported devices are set to come in a matter of hours.
August 10, 2012

It has definitely not been easy, it has taken quite some time and there have been some bumps on the road, but CM9 is finally stable and ready to roll out to all supported devices. Everybody’s favorite independent dev team has managed to crack Ice Cream Sandwich once and for all and will now be concentrating only on Jelly Bean-based CM10 work.

According to a new post on CM’s official blog, the stable CM9 builds will get out in a matter of hours and will hit the “majority of our ICS supported devices”. If you happen to not find a CM9 build for your favorite gadget, though, there might still be a chance for you; they will leave the door open for merging in additional devices from maintainers, external and internal.

The CM team will, of course, be dealing with any “critical” bugs that might appear in their custom ROMs, but given their track record, we’re betting hardly any of those software updates will suffer from major glitches.

As for the first stable release of CM9 that got out yesterday, for the Galaxy Nexus, it appears that the ROM wasn’t supposed to be released before all the others and it did so by mistake. There’ll be a different maguro build for the Nexus available today, marked, but that’ll probably be identical to the one “leaked” hours ago.

As expected, the official end of CM9 development means that ICS-based nightlies will themselves stop popping up everywhere. Don’t be sad, though, because CM10 nightlies will take their place really soon and will spread the Jelly Bean goodness to all. As some of you might already know, the first CM10 unofficial alpha ports have been spotted online for devices such as the Nexus 7, HP Touchpad and Sony’s line of 2011 Xperia handsets.

We don’t have a full list of devices which will be supported by JB-based CM10, but according to statements from the dev team, the vast majority of CM9-supported gadgets will be treated with Jelly Bean goodness over the following months. We can clearly hope to see all CM9-running handsets get the CM10 treatment, considering that even the four-year old HTC G1 has been made to partially work on Android 4.1.

Okay, guys, show of hands! How many of you will be flashing one of the CM9 stable ports? How many are already enjoying a CM9 nightly or any kind of early port release?