I’m not too surprised by this as it wouldn’t even cross my mind that CyanogenMod would ever use data monitoring tools like CarrierIQ, but in case anyone was worried, fear not – the team has just confirmed that they will never use it in their software.

Everybody with access to a web browser over the last week or so has undoubtedly seen the recent upheaval about Carrier IQ. The truth is, Carrier IQ has been around for quite some time. It is one of the nastier examples of bloatware installed by carriers, and it is more than likely something that will always be there in some form or fashion. That is, as long as your phone is running the OEM provided version of Android.

As this version of Android is based entirely on work from the Android Open Source Project, the CyanogenMod team would like to assure everyone that Carrier IQ has never, and will never be a part of our Operating System. There is no risk of this kind of software to ever be shipped as a part of CyanogenMod, period. Please, take it upon yourselves to educate anyone who is concerned about Carrier IQ, and offer them CyanogenMod as the only real opt-out they are likely to get any time soon.

This is one more reason you should use CM or any other custom ROM that is based on CM (considering the CM team can’t support all the phones out there, but other teams use their code to optimize it for other ROMs). Not only will you be safe from privacy breaches like the CarrierIQ, but the more popular 3rd party ROM’s become, the more competition they will create for both the manufacturers and the carriers selling the phones in the first place.

That means that either the manufacturers step up their game in optimizing the software properly, but also in updating it on time and for a long time, or more and more people will start using custom ROM’s. Perhaps one day installing a ROM will be as easy as installing a new OS for your PC, and fortunately it’s already getting pretty easy.

The competition with the carriers will also be good because right now they keep adding bloatware to their phones. If enough people want to get rid of it by installing other ROM’s, it might force them to go easy on the bloatware. They won’t like the alternative if then too many people will be able to use free tethering apps and other kind of apps that they don’t want their customers to use.

The CyanogenMod ROM is one of the reasons Android is so great, because there is a big community making sure phones can still have the latest highly optimized versions of Android, even long after the manufacturers and carriers have abandoned them.

[Source: CyanogenMod]