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CyanogenMod talks Jelly Bean and CM10

July 5, 2012

Last Tuesday, the CyanogenMod team announced that CM9 had officially reached Release Candidate status. The Android community rejoiced, knowing that they were one step closer to getting a stable CM9 build for their device. Then, the following day, Android Jelly Bean was officially announced at Google I/0 2012. This left a lot of users around the custom ROM community wondering. What’s going to happen with CyanogenMod 9? Will Jelly Bean be CM9.1 or CM10? And more importantly, when will CyanogenMod bring Jelly Bean goodness to my device?

Today, the CyanogenMod team shed some light on this very subject. It seems the complete rework of CM9, essentially rewriting all of the CM enhancements, was well worth the wait. The CM team will not have to restart from scratch again as their code base is just perfect for merging in the Jelly Bean changes. All of this information is subject to change however as the Jelly Bean source code is not available at this time.

So what will we call CM’s version of Jelly Bean? CM10 of course. CyanogenMod follows the Android code name scheme. For example, CM7 was for the Gingerbread version of Android. G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. The Ice Cream Sandwich version, I, is the 9th letter of the alphabet. So, continuing down the same naming scheme, CM’s version of Jelly Bean will not be called CM9.1 as some speculated.

When will your device get CM10? Classic CyanogenMod tells us no ETAs, right? They did spill the beans that if your current device runs ICS (CM9) there’s a high chance it will get CM10. This is all subject to change however when the source code does drop. The CM team does anticipate some code breakage, but nothing that some good ole Android hackery can’t fix.

The CM team plans to continue support on CM7 at this time. However, CM9’s life will be short lived. The’ll release a stable version and subsequent needed bug fixes, if any. After that, CM10 and CM7 will be the only maintained code bases. As mentioned above, the CM team feels if your device can run ICS, it can run JB and maintaining both would be counter productive.

So keep your fingers crossed CM fans. Hopefully we see the Jelly Bean source dropped soon!