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CyanogenMod slapped with cease and desist over Chronus Clock, gracefully changes the name

CyanogenMod was hit with a cease and desist letter over their Chronus Clock name. CM took the high road and renamed it.
February 1, 2013
cyanogenmod cLock
With new things coming out all the time, it’s only natural that some things overlap. Device designs, for instance, are pretty similar across the board. Such is life in the tech world. Recently, CyanogenMod was handed a cease and desist letter about their Chronus Clock app.

Apparently, someone else owned the rights to the name, hence the cease and desist. Rather than drag things out in a legal battle, the CyanogenMod team decided to take the high road and simply rename their lock screen clock widget. According to Phandroid, the team took to their various social networking pages to ask people for help with renaming it.

After a myriad of suggestions, the CyanogenMod team chose the delightfully clever name cLock because, you know, it’s a clock widget for the lock screen. Plus, as the night club scene teaches us, capitalizing the second letter in a name is considered hip. So a little word play and keeping up with the times, it’s a win win.

CyanogenMod announced last night that the new name was merged into the repository, making it official. So if you get download any Nightlies tonight, keep an eye out for the change.

Personally, cLock is a way cooler name than Chronus anyway and fits the new, mature look CM has been going for since they updated their mascot to CID. What does everyone think of cLock’s new name?