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CyanogenMod's download site gets a much needed makeover

CyanogenMod's ROM download portal is getting a makeover. The new design (still in beta) is fresh, clean and easier to navigate. Check it out to see more.
July 8, 2013
CyanogenMod CM New Page
CM’s old page.

CyanogenMod has been all over the news lately. New builds for new devices are coming out all the time, and they’re even doing their part to boost mobile security. However, one that hasn’t been new in a long time is their ROM download portal. It’s been around a long time and if there’s anything left in CyanogenMod that needed a makeover, it is the download portal. Even the CM Team called navigating the old “jarring”.

People familiar with the site will tell you it’s not always fun to navigate. It lists over 200 devices in the left column. What makes it all the more frustrating is that the device names aren’t what they’re usually called. Instead, they rely on code names or model numbers. For the HTCOne, you’ll need wither m7ul, m7att, m7tmo, or m7spr for the HTCOne. The US Galaxy S3 is known as the d2att, d2spr, etc. So even tricks like the old CTRL+F find doesn’t work unless you know your device code name. It wasn’t a bad site by any means, but it definitely wasn’t all that friendly for those who aren’t as familiar with the ROM culture as others.

CyanogenMod CM New Page
The new CyanogenMod download portal.

CyanogenMod’s new ROM Portal

The new ROM portal for CyanogenMod is a staggering improvement over the old one while still maintaining the simplicity that we’ve come to enjoy from the old one. At a glance, here are some of the improvements and changes we noticed.

  • Devices are now listed by their consumer names with their model numbers or code names being secondary. This makes them much easier to find and people don’t have to go searching for what their phone is called on the site. The model name or code name is still present. If you’re used to searching that way, you still can. 
  • Devices now have pictures. This is a nice touch and adds a little eye friendliness to the site. It’s a little easier dealing with a list of devices with pictures than it is to scroll through 200 names all at once.
  • There is a search bar for devices now. Also, instead of having one gigantic list, devices are sorted by manufacturer on the left bar. There is now much less scrolling required.
  • Each device shows the latest stable and nightly builds for quick and easy downloading. If you need to see all the builds, that’s an option now instead of being the default.

All in all, it’s a great improvement and one we should see rolling out to the public soon. Also, a big pat on the back to Chris Soyars because he did a fantastic job on the new design. If you want to check it out, navigate to So how does everyone feel about this? We’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below.