CyanogenMod GalleryNext

The CyanogenMod team announced on Google+ that it has decided to fix the “AOSP Gallery shipping with CM,” which is apparently ”severely lacking” by releasing GalleryNext, a new app meant to handle your images.

In order to try it out, users can download the beta version of the app, which is available directly from the Google Play Store. However, before downloading the app, interested CM fans will have to join the CyanogenMod community (see Source links below). Here’s what you can expect from the first Beta version of the app:

  • View all your pictures in one centralized location
  • Cloud services integration with Flickr, Picasa (G+), Facebook, and Dropbox
  • Moments support (automatic grouping and classification of media based on metadata)
  • Video playback support
  • Gif support
  • Deduplication in ‘All’ view

The team plans to add other features in the future, including the implementation of “KitKat’s immersive UI,” the and fix potential bugs – after all this is just a beta version of the app. To get a feel of gallery next check out the image gallery available above. Have you tried gallery next yet?