CyanogenMod Pie Controls

Those of you familiar with the popular Paranoid Android ROM are probably familiar with Pie Controls. For those of you who aren’t, Pie Controls are a way of having the three bottom buttons on your device pop up when you need them and become hidden when you don’t. This obviously only works with devices that have an on-screen navigation bar.

Now, we hear that CyanogenMod has implemented this functionality into their latest releases. This is possible because after the feature was released as a standalone application dubbed LMT Launcher, it was open-sourced, thus becoming available to the CyanogenMod team to freely use.

The feature should be appearing on all CyanogenMod nightlies starting today. Once you have the latest nightly installed, you must first go into expanded desktop mode in order to use the feature. This mode will get rid of the traditional navigation bar, allowing you to simply swipe up to have the Pie Controls pop up.

Brendan Lynch

Brendan has been a technology writer for several publications and has published articles on several platforms. His true love is Android however. When he’s not writing, he’s busy working towards his Music Performance degree and using Android every step of the way!