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Official CyanogenMod cases arrive, available only for the Nexus 5

Cruzerlite and Cyanogenmod have now teamed up to bring us an official Cyanogenmod case for the Nexus 5, designed by CM community member Asher Simonds.
December 19, 2013

Love Cyanogenmod and looking for ways to announce your adoration to the world? Obviously using Cyanogenmod and supporting the company’s commercial efforts is a good start. If you’re looking to take things even further, you could always dress your smartphone up in an official Cyanogenmod case!

Cyanogemod and CruzerLite have now teamed up to bring us a case that includes CyanogenMod’s “cid” logo on the back. The case is priced at $14.90 and comes in four different colors: black, smoke, clear and teal. In true Cyanogenmod fashion, the case itself was actually designed by a CM community member, Asher Simonds. If that name sounds at all familiar, that’s because the same individual made the Nexus Experience pattern wallpapers (as seen in CyanogenMod).

It’s great to see Cyanogenmod releasing an official case, though unfortunately Cruzerlite and Cyanogenmod are only offering it for Nexus 5 owners. Of course if Cruzerlite sees enough support from the Cyanogenmod fanbase, it’s very possible we could see the case come to other popular devices in the future.

Nexus 5 owners – what do you think of the case? For those without a Nexus 5, would you consider the case if it eventually came in a size that works with your handset?