The CyanogenMod team has announced official support for eight new Android devices, six of which are Motorola handsets and two from Sammy.

What could be better than getting official CyanogenMod support? Seven out of eight of these devices are in line for the Android 4.3-based CM10.2 code base – the exception being the C Spire version of the Galaxy S4.

Here’s the a full list of the added phones, and their model numbers:

  • Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (apexqtmo)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – C Spire (jfltecsp)
  • Motorola Atrix HD (mb886)
  • Motorola Photon Q – GSM (xt897)
  • Motorola Photon Q – CDMA (xt897c)
  • Motorola Droid Razr M (xt907)
  • Motorola Razr HD – GSM (xt925)
  • Motorola Droid Razr HD – CDMA (xt926)

Is it just me, or does it seem a little funny that all six of these older Moto devices might end up with Android 4.3 (via Cyanogenmod) ahead of the newly announced Moto X? But I digress.

Once these builds are live, you’ll be able to snag them by heading over to From there you’ll have several choices, including whether to go with a nightly, experimental or stable build. According to the folks behind Cyanogenmod, this is just the first wave, so expect more additions in the near future!

Andrew Grush
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