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Google Voice SMS users, you’re dream of a singular text messaging solution has come true. The CyanogenMod team has, with the help of prolific Android developer Koushick Dutta (Koush), merged a workaround that allows any application to send SMS messages through Google Voice. The feature isn’t compatible with stock ROMs, but those able and willing to root their devices now have a simpler way to funnel all messages through Google’s venerable phone service.

This isn’t exactly new. Koush the contributed the framework that allows other apps to “talk” with Google Voice to CyanogenMod earlier this month; CyanogenMod builds after July 1st contained the requisite code. However, actually enabling Voice integration required manually pushing an app as a system application, a process which, though not extraordinarily difficult for some, wasn’t the most straightforward. Going forward, Koush’s app – Voice Plus – will be included in stock CyanogenMod, and only require installation of the Google Voice app and a one-time Google Voice account sign-in to work.

Once Voice Plus is configured, both first-party (Messaging) and third-party (Handcent, Go SMS Pro, Chomp SMS, etc.) messaging clients will forward all SMS messages to Google Voice. Koush and CyanogenMod’s implementation doesn’t overcome the limitations of Google Voice itself – MMS isn’t supported, for example – but certainly is, until Google begins to consolidate its various messaging services, a good solution to a longstanding problem.

Kyle Wiggers
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