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CyanogenMod Installer app removed from the Google Play Store at Google’s request

The CyanogenMod Installer application has been removed from the Google Play Store at Google's request. Read on for more details!
November 27, 2013
CyanogenMod Installer App

The CyanogenMod team on Wednesday announced that its newly launched CyanogenMod one-click Installer application was removed from the Google Play Store at Google’s request.

According to what Google support told the team, the application was in violation of Google Play’s developer term – specifically, the application itself is “harmless” according to Google, but since it “encourages users to void their warranty” it can’t remain in the store.

The CyanogenMod team complied with Google’s request, as it had no other choice. Google would have removed the app “administratively” in case the team wouldn’t have complied with the demand.

According to CyanogenMod, hundreds of thousands of installations of the app have been recorded, “proving the demand for more choice, and that the need for an alternative Android experience exists” – what the app does is to allow users interested in installing the CyanogenMod custom ROM on their devices to do it in an easier fashion than by manually going through the whole process.

Users still interested in the tool will not find it in the Google Play Store anymore, but they’ll be able to sideload the app, by downloading it directly from

Furthermore, the team will be submitting the app to the Amazon and Samsung app stores, although it would certainly be surprising to see either company approve it. After all, installing CyanogenMod on certain devices that already run custom Android ROMs from OEMs such as Amazon and Samsung would not exactly be what these companies had in mind for their customers.

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