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CyanogenMod Community and Pro Editions coming

Cyanogen has announced that CyanogenMod will be available in two versions including a Community Edition and a Pro Edition. Read on for more details!
October 20, 2013

The Cyanogen team announced at Big Android BBQ 2013 (BABBQ) that its CyanogeMod custom ROMs will be available in two versions in order for more users to be able to enjoy them.

Arguing that smartphone users and not carriers should dictate software-related terms to OEMs, the Cyanogen team revealed that it will offer support to both beginners and advanced Android users that want to install CyanogenMod on their devices.

The team said that there currently are 8,200,000 active CyanogenMod users, and that it has registered 38,000,000 downloads for over 100 devices, with over 3,000 contributors helping out with development.

CyanogenMod Community vs Pro

CyanogenMod will be available in two flavors including a Community Edition and a Pro Edition.

From the start, you should know that the Community Edition is the one you may be using today – therefore advanced and hardcore Android users will want to install this CyanogenMod ROM on their devices.

The Pro Edition – and the name is certainly confusing – is for beginners that don’t want to / don’t know how to install the CyanogenMod ROM on their handsets but could certainly use its features. The Pro name usually implies that such a software version would cost money or would offer features for pro users, but that’s not what’s happening with this ROM version. What the Pro version will do is to offer a hassle-free way to users curious to experiment with CyanogenMod, but not curious enough to go through all the necessary, and some times tedious, steps to get it.

Here are the features of each of these two CyanogenMod versions:

Community Edition

  • Designed for hackability
  • User debug
  • Signed with well-known keys
  • Root enabled by default
  • Community driven
  • Highly flexible system updater

Pro Edition

  • Designed for security
  • Signed with private keys
  • Simplified, automatic updater
  • Built on top of OSS project
  • Root is off, but easy to enable
  • New releases every two weeks

New CyanogenMod features

In addition to introducing these two new CyanogenMod ROM versions, the team also talked about upcoming features for CM Account and CyanogenMod.

The CM Account will offer users the possibility of finding and remotely wiping their handsets, but also give them full device management powers, backups, cross device sync and secure storage.


The CyanogenMod ROM will get new features including:

  • Universal screencasting – Remote display framework, based on Koush’s work on the Chromecast/AirPlay/Wi-Fi display work
  • Live Folders – the folders would populate themselves based on “smart context” (image aboev)
  • Recent Conversations – a feature based on Live Folders that will allow users to be automatically directed to the last conversation app used when looking to connect with a certain contact.
  • Themes, everywhere.
  • Gallery++
  • Launcher++

CM Edition of Oppo N1

The Oppo N1 will be the first Android handset that will ship with a pre-installed version of CyanogenMod, and according to the presentation (see Source links below) the phone is coming in late November.