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CyanogenMod 7.2 RC2 builds for several devices released, others to follow soon

May 16, 2012
CyanogenMod-7.2 rc

Just days after detailing the future of CyanogenMod 7 and ensuring us that they will continue work on the Android 2.3 software builds beyond CM 7.3, our favorite independent dev team has already released a number of custom 7.2 RC2 ROMs for several Samsung, LG, and Sony devices.

CyanogenMod 7.2, based on Android Gingerbread, is not yet final and needs additional work, but if you’re eager to get a taste of the software package and you have one of the supported devices, you can go ahead and download the builds from this link.

The LG Optimus Black P970 is one of the most recognizable names on the list of devices that already have custom CM 7.2 builds released, but you will find a number of Galaxy S variants, as well as the LG 2X and 3D on the list.

You might have some trouble recognizing all the devices on the CM 7.2 support list, as the hacking team hasn’t taken the time to write the full name of any phone, but I’m pretty sure that you know your gadget’s codenames well enough to distinguish them for similarly named products. If however you’re not 100% sure that your Optimus One is the same device with the “p500” listed on the CM website or you have any other uncertainties, hit us with a comment and we will surely be glad to help you out.

The CM 7.2 software package comes with a lot of “goodies” that are nowhere to be found in the official 2.3 Gingerbread builds. So, if you want to take your phone to the next level and you’re sure that you won’t receive an ICS update anytime soon, you should seriously consider flashing this ROM. It won’t be as cool, functional, and user-friendly as Ice Cream Sandwich, but it’s surely the next best thing to Android 4.0.

The entire CM 7.2.0 changelog is available at this link here, so if you’re not quite sold by the idea of flashing a custom ROM, you should check out the full list of improvements and added features and I promise you that you’ll start seeing things in a different light. On the other hand, you should still watch out for bugs and unexpected glitches, which is normal, considering that the CM 7.2 project is not yet final.

When we will see a final version of the 7.2 build is still unknown, but I personally expect the guys at CyanogenMod to wrap up their work in a matter of weeks or a couple of months, at the latest. After all, the project has been in the works since January. In addition, the 7.3 build has been confirmed and should enter development soon.

Will you be trying out CM 7.2? Have you already tried it? Are these guys the absolute heroes of the Android development world or what?