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CyanogenMod camera app to get Kate Upton mode

Kate Upton mode is headed to the CyanogenMod camera app, it is a simple update that adds Pressy inspired functionality to help you with your selfies and other picture taking adventures.
September 26, 2014
CyanogenMod camera Kate Upton mode

Let me be the first to say, I am not entirely certain why this update is being called the Kate Upton mode, but I am excited for the added functionality to the CyanogenMod camera app.

Kate Upton mode adds a little Pressy inspired action to your device, allowing you to not only take photos, but also to adjust focus of the camera using the media buttons on your typical audio headset. Specifically, your headset Play button will snap a photo and your media Next/Previous buttons will call focus.

CyanogenMod camera Kate Upton mode code commit

Pressy took to adding an extra button to your Android device through Kickstarter last year, the result ships now for $27, a single button that can perform nearly any single task on your device, such as snapping a photo. In a total ‘First!’ move, Xiaomi beat them to market with the MiKey, that retails for approximately $0.89 and offers essentially the exact same functionality.

Where Pressy and MiKey both allow you to choose what function your new single button will perform, they come at the expense of plugging up your headphone jack.


In contrast, Kate Upton mode (I do hope this name gets changed, before lawsuits take place) on your CyanogenMod camera app utilize the device that was designed to plug into your headphone jack in the first place, namely, headphones. Sure, the trade-off here is that Kate Upton mode can only focus and snap photos, but at least you can still listen to your tunes.

In the end, the extended reach and ability to operate the camera somewhat hands free should offer you a great many options, especially for candid, group and hard-to-reach photos, and especially for classier selfies. (Did he seriously just say “classier selfies?”)

For more details, check out the GitHub commit page for Kate Upton mode and look for the update on your CM powered device.

If you’ve got the update, would you mind sharing with the class – does Kate Upton mode work for just wired headsets, or can you also control your camera on CyanogenMod using a Bluetooth headsets?