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CyanogenMod Accounts go live in latest nightly builds

CyanogenMod Accounts go live in latest nightly builds, which includes a track and remote wipe security feature.
September 12, 2013
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In a Google+ post, CyanogenMod announced the availability of CyanogenMod Accounts in the next nightly builds of CM 10.1 and CM 10.2 released on September 10 and later. CM Accounts, that was announced a few weeks ago, will introduce the much-needed security feature that will give users the ability to locate, as well as remotely wipe, their device.

To add an account, all you have to do is navigate to Settings > Add account > CyanogenMod, and create an account or log in with your existing account credentials. Once signed in, you can use the Find and Wipe functionality here. The post also mentions that for those who may have built this application on their own, or flashed it from an older source, may be required to remove their account from the device and add it again.

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While there are numerous third party track and wipe apps available, what differentiates this from other apps, other than the fact that it is included by default like the Android Device Manager, is the additional end-to-end encryption added by the developers, which means that only you can access the location tracking and remote wipe features, and since passwords aren’t stored on a server, there is no risk of a third party tracking you.

Using CM Accounts is completely free and optional, but is definitely a good idea to sign-up for, not only for the location tracking and remote wipe features, but also the fact that more features linked to CM Accounts will be made available over time. You can find the latest nightly builds here.