Many of you who used CyanogenMod 7 and earlier are all pretty aware of the cool features the CyanogenMod team brings to their ROM’s for the many different devices that they support. With Ice Cream Sandwich as the next tasty treat for the CyanogenMod team, we can expect some just as tasty tweak and features only available on CyanogenMod ROM’s. The developer behind the new Music Player sat down with The Verge, and explained all about the new Music Player coming standard in CyanogenMod 9.

The developer from the CyanogenMod team said that in the music application, you will be able to set up shake controls for skipping songs and other settings, swipe gestures, and even a complete theme engine for people to pimp out their player however they see fit.

The guys over at CyanogenMod really now how to make us Android fanboys and nerds excited and happy all at the same time. As an Android nerd who is constantly flashing new ROM’s on his HTC Sensation 4g – just flashed 3 different ROM’s today – I am really looking forward to getting CyanogenMod 9 on the Sensation.

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Have you used CyanogenMod as a ROM for your phone before? If so how’d you like it? Share your experience with us in the comments.