CyanogenMod has grown to become one of the most recognized custom firmware developers for Android devices, with more than 2 million devices reportedly running some version of the open source ROM. The CyanogenMod team is now introducing a new mascot to replace the old skateboard Andy.

Cid is officially the new “face” of CyanogenMod and you can bet that you’ll be seeing him soon when you turn on your CyanogenMod-flavored Android devices. You can check out what the boot animation’s going to be like with Cid as the mascot on the video below.

[embed width=”600″][/embed]

For those who wonder about the theory behind the new mascot’s name, Cid stands for CyanogenMod ID, which, according to the team, signifies the uniqueness of each user in their community. The new boot animation will be available to download soon.

Bams Sadewo

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