Owners of Galaxy S devices and their cousin devices like the Epic 4G haven’t been too lucky, with the updates in US being so slow to arrive. I doubt any of you will ever see the full Android 4.0 update on your devices, and if Samsung does decide to bring their “value pack” to it, it will still take many more months to do it. So why not get the best next thing – CyanogenMod 9, the ICS version of CyanogenMod that is now available for the Samsung Epic 4G?

First of all, the general CM9 is still in alpha mode, but this particular version of CM9 for Epic 4G seems to be very stable and works really well. From the video I can see it’s very fast and surprisingly smooth. I don’t know if there are any performance modifications to this ROM made by the CM team, or it’s just how Android 4.0 will work on devices from now on, though. CyanogenMod does include performance tweaks usually, although I doubt they had too much time to work on that this time around other than optimizing it for the device itself, making sure it has no bugs and its own drivers work as they should.

Hopefully, this is how all Android 4.0 devices will work from now on, and even if it still depends on manufacturers to optimize the drivers for their own hardware so they work properly in Android 4.0, I do hope Google has made it a lot easier for them not to mess it up. Sometimes, the more inexperienced manufacturers give Android a bad name by releasing devices that were not very optimized before launch.

So here’s the demo video showcasing Android 4.0 on Epic 4G, thanks to the CM9 ROM which should be available very soon:

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